Research, Policy & Advocacy

- Providing evidence; influencing decisions and changing opinions.

What we do

We have expertise in the 17 SDGs and work collaboratively with academic and research institutions to find answers to global development challenges. We offer a diverse range of services, so contact us to discuss what is appropriate for your institution/organisation.

  • Connecting partners in the global South with relevant partners in the North.
  • Ideas for high impact projects
  • Stakeholder consultations/team building
  • Professionally written grant proposals
  • Peer-reviews/ODA compliance

Research: Finding Evidence

  • Collaborative research
  • Resource mobilisation
  • Societal Outcomes/Impact
  • ODA Compliance

Policy: Knowledge Synthesis 

  • Stakeholders engagement
  • Science-ITK brockage
  • Public consultations
  • Policy forums

Advocacy: Influencing

  • Stakeholders empowerment
  • Groups dynamics
  • Local/National campaigns
  • Policy & practice changes

Overseas & Britain Field Trips

Through our extensive knowledge of temperate and tropical ecosystems, and experience with international career fields, we can connect your institutional staff and students to unique landscapes and aquatic environments for research.

It's a study-holiday; have fun!

  • Semi-arid zones of Africa & Middle East
  • Higlands of East Africa and South Asia
  • Tropical Rainforests of West/Central Africa and South America
  • Peatlands of South East Asia and Small Island States