Coordinator's Message

Welcome! Welcome to Centre of Intercultural Leadership and Action (INTERACT). The centre was established to support innovative engagement within the diversity within cities and across the countryside. Globalisation has created world-cities in which one finds ethnic community groups from around the world, living in an intricate and delicate mix, each protective of their cultures, yet interacting in different ways. INTERACT is working to promote and enhance positive interaction.

Centre's Mission & Goals

Mission: Envisioning and encouraging the development of dynamic and integrated intercultural cities and communities.
Goals: To promote a positive unders-tanding of diversity advantage through: helping shape equality based on cross-cultural dialogue. recognising the importance of leadership in the development of a shared intercultural societies. cultivating transformative models of interculturalism for effective community engagement.

Centre's Objecives

Centre's Objecives Objectives: To inspire and motivate a leadership culture that will be intentional about intercultural interaction in the city and local communities through:
• creating spaces for meaningful and productive dialogue.
• fostering understanding of intercultural competencies through training courses, workshops and open forums.
• encouraging and evaluating innovative and creative specific intercultural projects.
• the application of intercultural principles and values in different contexts such as the workplace, faith communities, the arts and sport involving different generations and genders.