The Engaged Community

Centre for Resilient & Cohesive Communities

(CeReCoCo) exists to promote social justice and be the voice of the voiceless for the vulnerable and less visible in society. Our work is with minority ethnic communities, but we reach out to all sectors of the society. Tackling disadvantage is at the heart of our core research, policy and advocacy work. Empowering vulnerable people and communities is our business. Join us to influence social change. Effective engagement and positively interacting matters. Within the Centre for Resilient & Cohesive Communities (CeReCoCo), we promote good neigbourliness. Join us in our local community events to reduce stress and isolation and enjoy friendliness.

Emotional Health: Leisure and Pleasure

Community/Family Fun-days and Games
Beach Parties
Sports & Recreation
Countryside Connexions
Travelling & Learning

Healthy Environment; Healthy People

Community Comprehensive Waste Management Initiative
Community Environmental Education/Awareness
Domestic Waste
Litter & Neighbourhoods
Recycling & Reuse
Training & Capacity Development

Calming Storms; Building Resilience

Loneliness Kills; Social Justice Heals
Brexit Information Hub
Violence & Extremism
Poverty & Deprivation
Inequalities & Lack of Opportunities