About Us


Who We Are

CODESA is an intercultural organisation started by people who have experienced extreme poverty, hunger and destitution and have survived to tell our stories and help others move out of poverty, create wealth and grow local and national economies. We are an intercultural organisation and use the concepts, principles, practices of Interculturalism to better engage local communities and stakeholders to address poverty and deprivation from a common perspective.

What We Do

We emphasise entrepreneurship and wealth creation at the grassroots, rather than “sustainable livelihoods”, which perpetuate poverty and deprivation. We identify and tackle the root causes of poverty instead of merely touching the symptoms. We provide infrastructure support, advice and resources to catalyse local development initiatives, and partnerships to build or strengthen capacity to tackle poverty, hunger and deprivation.

What You Can Do

No individual or organisation can eradicate poverty and hunger in the world. That’s why we open our doors to everyone who is concerned about poor people’s plight to come on board. There are several roles you can play: trustees, fundraisers, volunteers, etc. If you are an individual facing poverty, you can gather members of your community together and we will be happy to help.

Our Values

Respect for human life and dignity of all irrespective of faith or ethnicity We adopt a people-centred approaches to sustainable development, through:
• Evidence-based projects for development impact;
• Intercultural engagement and communication for social and economic impact;
• Public-Private-Partnerships for sustainability;
• Effective teamworking;
• Professionalism, good governance, and accountability to stakeholders, including development and funding partners;
• Openness and transparancy to all relationships to stakeholders and service users;
• Investing in people.

Our Strengths

Management Group Expertise
Senior Management Experience
Interdisciplinary Professionals
International Development Sectors
Technical Support Group Expertise
International Education
Private-Public Partnerships
Disaster Risk Reduction
Conflict Transformation
Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals & Global-To-Local Strategies

Our Team Members

Dr John M Atibila (BSc Hons/Dip Ed; MSc Agroforestry; PhD Environment/Sustainable Development)

- Director of Operations, Research Partnerships & Development Impact;
- Leads research innovations and partnerships linking academia and private sector;
- Participates in partnership design and development that incorporates effective engagement and development impact;
- Negotiates and signs coorperation, collaborative and partnership agreements;
- Participates in development research and undertakes impact assessments;
- Peer reviews partnership proposals to strengthen case for support and development impact.
- Secretary and reports to Board of Directors and Trustees;

Dr Barbara Omoro-Deschilder (BA; MA; MSc; PhD Business Management)

- Programme Manager in CeReCoCo, a Division focusing on building organisations and communities capacity to adapt to change and build strong, resilient and cohesive systems and economies;
- Coordinates all programmes related to Health Outcomes of the Global Goals (SDGs).

Ms Yvonne B-A Peprah (BA Hons; MA International Relations

- CODESA Company Secretary;
- External Relations Manager, linking INTERACT and CeReCoCo activities;
- Adminstrative contact for general enquiries;
- Local/Minority Communities and Faith Organisations Links Person.

Ms Aminata Bamba (BSc Economics; MSc Development Economics & Policy)

- Development Impact Manager of CeReCoCo
- Undertakes M & E to assess Social & Economic Impact of Development Research & Projects