Strengthening Resilience

We facilitate local level initiatives which contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (Read More)

Leaders & Development

We work collaboratively with academic and training partners to build capacity of leaders to address current and future challenges. Read More.

Creating Opportunities & Wealth

We support local communities to thrive and move away from poverty by establishing enterprises and creating wealth, which contribute to national economic growth. Read More.

*Empowering Local Communities*; *Linking Scientific Evidence to Sustainable Development*; *Intercultural Leadership*; *Catalysing Local Entrepreneurship for Wealth Creation*; *Accountability & Integrity*

Main Themes

1. Resilient & Cohesive Communities


Building capacity for com-munities to work together, adapt, recover and grow

  • Resolve local differences, tolerate and live peacefully;
  • Adapt to climate change and extreme weather events;
  • Apply local knowledge and scientific tools to recover from shocks and disturbances;
  • Work together to build their lives and grow the local and national economies.
  • Improving professionalism and management efficiency;
  • Training and empowering women and young people;
  • Enhancing accountability and eliminating corruption;
  • Strenghtening good governance and tranparency;
  • Improving inclusiveness and reducing discrimination;
  • Mainstreaming gender and equal opportunities for all.

4. Entrepreneur-ship & Fair-Trade


"Creating fairer societies begins with fair deals to farmers and producers"


  • Influencing policies on social and economic justice;
  • Empasis on Shea and lesser known commodities of global significance;
  • Advocating/campaigning for improved corporate social responsibilities.


3. Research Partnerships & Development Impact


"Two are better than One", that's why seek and work collaboratively to maximise development impact

  • Access to huge databases of Institutions to select from.
  • Identifying & Linking South-North-South Academic and Civil Society Institutions for greater impact.
  • Support with fundraising plans and proposal writing for external incomes.
  • Support with project management, monitoring & evaluation.
  • Support with stakeholder engagement & dissemination of impact.